Lecture: Rule by law – the recent development of legislature and law making in PRC (26th, March 2003)

In the State Council report delivered in the 10th session of the National People’s Congress, the Premier Zhu Rongji suggested that the succeeding government should further promote the development of political and judicial infrastructure during the era of economic development, in order to better regulate the market and institutionalize the system. There is a need for the Chinese legal system and infrastructure to meet the international system in the advert of China’s accession to the WTO.

Regarding to this important issue, a talk given by the previous principal of the China University of Political Science and Law Professor Jiang Ping was held by APLA on 26th, March 2003. Professor Jiang said that a legal system, with civil and commercial law, economic law, societal law, judicial law, criminal and administrative law, has been established after the twenty years of judicial reform in the mainland. Hence there is no doubt that a basic legal structure and system has been developed under the Constitution of the PRC. The China’s accession to WTO urged the further reform of different laws and systems in the mainland, in order to better protect the liberty of the people and personal property, enhance the effectiveness of contracts by law. Professor Jiang had reviewed the recent development of economic structure, administrative law and judicial law in the mainland during the talk.

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